IELTS Global Test Dates 2020

The IELTS Paper-based version has 48  fixed test dates each year. These dates are listed below.

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The Academic version of the Paper-based test is available on all 48 dates. The General Training version of the Paper-based test is available on 24 dates.  

Test availability differs across test centres based on local demand, so please contact your closest IELTS location to confirm upcoming test dates.

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2020 Test Dates

Saturday 04
Saturday 11
Thursday 16
Saturday 18
a a_g_grey a a_g_grey  
Saturday 01
Saturday 08
Thursday 13
Saturday 22
a_g_grey a a_g_grey a  
Thursday 05
Saturday 07
Saturday 14
Saturday 21
a a_g a a_g  
Saturday 04
Saturday 11
Thursday 18
Saturday 30
a_g a a_g a  
Saturday 09
Saturday 16
Saturday 21
Thursday 30
a a a_g a_g  
Saturday 06
Saturday 13
Thursday 18
Saturday 20
a_g a a a_g  
Thursday 02
Saturday 11
Saturday 18
Saturday 25
a a_g a a_g  
Thursday 06
Saturday 08
Saturday 22
Saturday 29
a a_g a_g a  
Saturday 05
Saturday 12
Thursday 17
Saturday 26
a a_g a_g a_g  
Saturday 10
Thursday 15
Saturday 24
Saturday 31
a a_g a_g a_g  
Saturday 07
Thursday 12
Saturday 21
Saturday 28
a a_g a_g a
Thursday 03
Saturday 05
Saturday 12
Saturday 19
a a_g a a_g  

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Getting your Score

  • Receive results in 13 calendar days
  • Access results online
  • Request to have your results sent to up to 5 Receiving Organizations


Why Choose IELTS?

  • Scores are accepted by over 10,000 organizations worldwide.
  • IELTS recognizes both Canadian and American English in terms of spelling, grammar and choice of words.
  • The IELTS approach is recognized as being fair, reliable and valid to all candidates.
  • IELTS has been developed in close consultation with academics, professional bodies and immigration authorities.
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