Take IELTS and Take Your Next Step in the Journey to Success

Delivered locally, recognized globally. IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, the world’s proven English language test. It is recognized as a secure, valid and reliable indicator of true-to-life ability to communicate in English for education, immigration and professional accreditation.

The following reasons make IELTS the most popular English Language Proficiency Test in Canada:

The test for study − All universities and colleges in Canada accept the IELTS Academic results as

 evidence of English language proficiency.

The test for professionals − Professional registration bodies in many fields accept an IELTS result,

including accounting, engineering, law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and teaching.

The test for migration − The agreement between IELTS and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada

(CIC) applies to a range of work related visa categories. Under the agreement, IELTS General Training

can be used as evidence of English language ability for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian

Experience Class and Federal Skilled Trades Program. In addition, the test can also be used for other

programs such as the Provincial Nominee Program and the Federal Business Programs – as well as for

Citizenship purposes.

The test that’s fairer to you – IELTS is the only English language test where the Speaking test is one-on-
one with an examiner in a private room where the candidate will not be interrupted by other test takers.

No computers, no technical problems and no distractions.


Why Choose IELTS?

  • Scores are accepted by over 10,000 organizations worldwide
  • IELTS recognizes both Canadian and American English in terms of spelling, grammar and choice of words.
  • The IELTS approach is recognized as being fair, reliable and valid to all candidates.
  • IELTS has been developed in close consultation with academics, professional bodies and immigration authorities
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The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has announced a potential strike action on Monday, October 22. In the event of a postal strike, IELTS Test Centres will not be able to mail results to recognizing organizations or Test Report Forms (TRF) to candidates.

Strike action would affect the mailing of current results for tests from October 11th onwards and extra TRF requests for the duration of any stoppage in service from Canada Post.

For urgent mailing of your test results or additional TRFs, centres are able to offer courier delivery. Please contact your centre for further information.