Resources for IDP IELTS Referral Agents

Welcome to the IDP IELTS Referral Agent Program! As an official referral agent, you now have access to a variety of IELTS marketing collateral and test preparation resources to support your clients.

Please consult with the Stakeholder Relations Team if you have any specific requests or if you need approval on new creatives. Remember, all online and offline publications incorporating the IDP IELTS logo must subscribe to the official brand guidelines. We are always here to help.

Stakeholder Relations Team for Canada 

– Monica Aguirre (Stakeholder Relations & Business Development Manager)

– Zest Zhang (Business Development Lead)


IELTS Alliance Program: Intro and Onboarding


IELTS Marketing Resources

  • IELTS Master – Free 30 Day Prep Offer: 25 hours of free practice materials automatically available in test-taker’s choice of module (Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking). Link for activation received upon completing test registration at a participating IDP IELTS test location.


IELTS Preparation Resources