How Can I Develop Ideas on the Task 2 Essay?
February 2, 2018 by Tony Rusinak
I need to write a 250-word essay. I only have 40 minutes. I can’t search ideas on the internet or ask anyone for help. Are you CRAZY!?” Does this sound like you when preparing [...]
Speaking Part 2: Storytelling
January 29, 2018 by Ashlee Fisher
Once upon a time, there was a brilliant student who needed to pass a difficult test… Storytelling has been around since people could speak. Some people are good at it, while others struggle. Part 2 [...]
Vocabulary: Ten Strategies for Winning on Test Day
January 22, 2018 by Tony Rusinak
How do you say that?” Is this a question you often ask? You know the word in your language, but you don’t know the word in English. This is, of course, one of the [...]
How to Write Effectively for the IELTS Written Test
January 18, 2018 by IELTS
One of the mistakes most people make when taking the IELTS written test for the first time is to quickly read the question and then write their responses using the entire hour of test time. [...]
How is IELTS Related to Canadian Immigration?
January 12, 2018 by Kyle Broda
If you're a future Canadian, understanding how your IELTS score plays a role in your Canadian immigration journey is a very important step in making sure that you are as prepared as possible for this [...]
How to Improve Your English Speaking Through Social Interactions
January 8, 2018 by IELTS
Getting together with English speaking friends is a great way to practice and improve your English speaking skills. However, simply showing up and listening to the conversation without participating will not help you. Rather, you [...]
Tips for Success: A Candidate’s Perspective
January 8, 2018 by IELTS
There are numerous resources listing tips for a successful IELTS experience. Even though this type of information is useful, it can be just as helpful and very reassuring to hear from students who have succeeded [...]
Using Technology to Improve Your English Language Skills
January 3, 2018 by IELTS
Learning English skills today is much easier than it was ten or twenty years ago thanks to advances in technology. Even with all these advances, many people tend to overlook these benefits and how they [...]
Best Practices for your IELTS Preparation Group
January 2, 2018 by Tony Rusinak
We all have different reasons for taking the IELTS. A few years ago, I needed the IELTS to complete my certificate to practice immigration in Canada. In the immigration course, my classmates and I all [...]
Holiday Traditions in Canada
December 21, 2017 by IELTS
If you find yourself away from home this holiday season, you might be surprised to learn that Canada is considered a multi-cultural country that is steeped in a wide range of holiday traditions from cultures [...]