IELTS Preparation Posts

Odd Spellings
September 15, 2021 by Ashlee Hunter
Spelling can be one of the most difficult skills to master when learning English. Since correct spelling counts on the IELTS test, it can put added stress on the candidate. Some words follow certain patterns [...]
Improving your IELTS Rating: Tips for Chinese (Mandarin) Language Speakers
September 13, 2021 by Tony Rusinak
By Tony Rusinak, IELTS Expert   IELTS reaches every corner of the globe. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, IELTS test centres can be found in almost every country. Different countries, different cultures, and different languages are [...]
IDP Education Canada Opens New Computer-Delivered IELTS Venue in Markham
August 25, 2021 by IELTS
We've opened a new computer-delivered testing venue! Our latest venue is now open in Markham, ON. Computer-delivered IELTS is now available at 3780 14th Avenue, Suite 108 in Markham. Operated by IDP Education Canada, the [...]
IELTS Grammar Exercises: Future Forms
August 23, 2021 by Andrea Castro
Welcome back! In this last post of our IELTS Grammar Exercises series, you’ll be able to practice using future forms. As you may already know, there are different ways to talk about the future [...]
Improving your IELTS Rating: Tips for Native Arabic Language Speakers
July 28, 2021 by Tony Rusinak
You can find IELTS in almost every country around the world. Globally, it is the largest English language test. We need it for everything from immigration applications, to employment requirements, to academic acceptance. Given this [...]
5 Simple Mistakes to Avoid on the Speaking Exam
July 15, 2021 by Angela Rutherford
If you are preparing for the IELTS exam, whether Academic or General Training, you should know that you will only have about 15 minutes to showcase your speaking abilities in a face to face test [...]
Writing Task 1: Phrases and Collocations for Describing Tables, Graphs and Charts
July 12, 2021 by Andrea Castro
IELTS Academic measures the English language proficiency needed for an academic learning environment. To do so, Writing Task 1 presents candidates with a graph, table, chart or diagram. Candidates are asked to describe, summarize or [...]
Same But Different
July 5, 2021 by Ashlee Hunter
English can be a difficult language to learn, especially when there are words that are spelled the same, but pronounced differently, words that are spelled differently, yet pronounced that same way, and even words that [...]
Improving Your IELTS Rating: Tips for Korean Language Speakers
June 16, 2021 by Tony Rusinak
Estimates say there are 1.3 billion English speakers around the world. Interestingly, the majority of these English speakers are not native speakers. In other words, there are a lot more English as a second [...]
IELTS Speaking: How to perform at your best in part 1
June 1, 2021 by IELTS
Learn how to start your Speaking test confidently and continue this confident performance for the whole test. Today, we will look at some tips to help you perform at your best in part 1 of [...]