IELTS Preparation Posts

Academic IELTS Writing: Words, Phrases, and Structures to Avoid
September 3, 2019 by Ashlee Hunter Ashlee Hunter
Writing can be one of the most challenging sections on the IELTS test, and many candidates struggle to achieve their desired score. Writing certain words, phrases, and grammar structures may be what is holding you [...]
Tips for Practicing English This Summer for Your IELTS Exam
August 29, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
Are you preparing to take your IELTS exam this autumn for entry into Canada for university or a job opportunity? If so, you'll want to make sure you spend plenty of time this summer practicing [...]
Grammar Lesson 101: Definite, Indefinite, and No Articles
July 22, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
One of the more challenging aspects for English language learners is the use of articles. Articles are a tricky part of learning the English language because they are used to modify some nouns, but not [...]
Grammar Lessons 101: Silent Letters
July 15, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
There was a time when there was no commonly accepted spelling or pronunciation standard for written or spoken English. Local dialects, education, and regional difference all influenced how we spelled and pronounced words. Spelling wasn’[...]
Grammar Lesson 101: Prepositions and What You Should Know
July 8, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
Prepositions are tricky bits of English grammar that even some native speakers have difficulty mastering. Part of the problem is that there are no hard-and-fast rules about what preposition to use and when to use [...]
Grammar Tips 101: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
June 20, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
Adjectives are used to describe or modify words. But when you want to compare objects, you need a specific set of adjectives to help. That's where comparative and superlative adjectives come in. However, these particular [...]
Grammar Lessons 101: Understanding Phrasal Verbs
May 30, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
With roots in Gaelic, Arabic, Latin, French, and Saxon it is no wonder that the English language can be tricky to learn. While no language is easy to learn, English, with its multitudinous rule exceptions [...]
Grammar for IELTS: A Look at the Passive Voice
May 22, 2019 by Andrea Castro Andrea Castro
Welcome back to our series of posts on improving your grammar for IELTS!  The post provides you with an opportunity to explore relative clauses, and it includes tips for improving your own use of this [...]
Writing and Speaking: The Importance of Linking Words [IELTS TIPS]
May 12, 2019 by Tony Rusinak Tony Rusinak
Bridges, links, ties, bonds, joiners, connectors and ligaments – what do all these things have in common? They all connect things! They all bring things together. They take two or more things, join them in some [...]
Writing Task 2: How to Write a Good Conclusion [Writing Tips]
May 8, 2019 by Andrea Castro Andrea Castro
If you’ve written essays in the past, then you probably already know that a conclusion is essential for providing closure to your writing; the IELTS Writing Task 2 is no exception. But what many [...]