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Grammar for IELTS: A Look at Relative Clauses
September 26, 2019 by Andrea Castro Andrea Castro
Even though there’s no actual grammar test section in IELTS, your use of English grammar plays a key role in getting a high IELTS score. Grammar is one of the four categories that you [...]
A New Computer-Delivered IELTS Venue for Saskatchewan Polytechnic Regina!
September 11, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
Computer-delivered IELTS is now available at 4500 Wascana Pkwy in Regina. Operated by Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the new computer-delivered IELTS venue will begin testing on September 28, 2019.  Book early to get your preferred dates! Click [...]
Academic IELTS Writing: Words, Phrases, and Structures to Avoid
September 3, 2019 by Ashlee Hunter Ashlee Hunter
Writing can be one of the most challenging sections on the IELTS test, and many candidates struggle to achieve their desired score. Writing certain words, phrases, and grammar structures may be what is holding you [...]
Tips for Practicing English This Summer for Your IELTS Exam
August 29, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
Are you preparing to take your IELTS exam this autumn for entry into Canada for university or a job opportunity? If so, you'll want to make sure you spend plenty of time this summer practicing [...]
What Are My Options If I Fail the IELTS Exam?
August 15, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
It's not uncommon for some people to fail part of or all of their IELTS exam the first time they take it. Fortunately, the exam can be retaken as many times as you need to [...]
Grammar Lesson 101: Definite, Indefinite, and No Articles
July 22, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
One of the more challenging aspects for English language learners is the use of articles. Articles are a tricky part of learning the English language because they are used to modify some nouns, but not [...]
Grammar Lessons 101: Silent Letters
July 15, 2019 by IELTS IELTS
There was a time when there was no commonly accepted spelling or pronunciation standard for written or spoken English. Local dialects, education, and regional difference all influenced how we spelled and pronounced words. Spelling wasn’[...]