IELTS Listening Tips and Advice[...] February 24, 2020 by Andrea Castro Andrea Castro

One of the challenges of IELTS Listening is the fact candidates get to hear the recording only once. It is not an option to listen to the recording again and [...]

IDP Education Canada Opens a New Computer-Delivered IELTS Venue for [...] February 21, 2020 by IELTS IELTS

Computer-delivered IELTS is now available at 5172 Kingsway, Unit 310 in Burnaby. Operated by IDP Education Canada, the new computer-delivered IELTS venue will begin testing on March 7, 2020.  Book [...]

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Stuck at 6.5? Here’s How to Move Your IELTS Writing to 7
February 10, 2020 by Angela Rutherford Angela Rutherford
Does this sound like you? Help! I understand spoken English completely, comprehend everything I read and can easily get my message across when I speak. I scored 8s in the Listening and Reading sections of [...]
Common Grammar Mistakes
February 3, 2020 by Ashlee Hunter Ashlee Hunter
When writing in English, there are many different grammar rules to follow. Mistakes can occur, and some mistakes happen more frequently than others. Here are some common grammar mistakes to be aware of before writing [...]
Grammar for IELTS: A Look at Future Forms
January 22, 2020 by Andrea Castro Andrea Castro
If you’ve been following our Grammar for IELTS series, then you’re already aware of the importance of using a wide range of grammatical structures on your IELTS test. If you haven’t read [...]
January 15, 2020 by Ashlee Hunter Ashlee Hunter
Accent On the speaking test, your accent doesn't have to limit you from getting a high band score, as long as you're clear and easy to understand. Band Score The IELTS test is graded using [...]
IELTS and Accents, What’s the Deal?
January 3, 2020 by Tony Rusinak Tony Rusinak
This blog is all about IELTS and your accent. Before we get to that, I’d like to give you some background numbers. There are more than 1200 IELTS centres worldwide. IELTS is in more [...]