Fluency – It’s Not just for the Speaking Test![...] August 8, 2018 by Tony Rusinak Tony Rusinak

Fluency. It’s a common issue many IELTS test-takers complain about. During my IELTS workshops, I always hear participants saying that they need to improve their fluency. Almost every time, [...]

Part of Immigrating to Canada is Passing the IELTS Exam[...] July 30, 2018 by IELTS IELTS

Tens of thousands of people from around the world immigrate to Canada annually. Many of these people are required to pass the IELTS exam as part of their immigration process. [...]

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True/False/Not Given & Yes/No/Not Given
July 27, 2018 by Ashlee Hunter Ashlee Hunter
T/F/NG and Y/N/NG This question type frequently occurs on both the Academic and General version of the IELTS reading test. Many candidates struggle with answering these questions and because of this, [...]
Critical Thinking and Why it's Important on the IELTS
July 23, 2018 by Tony Rusinak Tony Rusinak
Have you ever tried to memorize every answer to every question for an exam? You know there's a long list of questions and a long list of answers, and then, you work hard and try [...]
The Difference Between a Band 6 and 7 on the IELTS
July 20, 2018 by Lauren McKenzie Lauren McKenzie
If you fall into the category of many candidates, those with a band score of 6 and pushing for a band 7, then you may find the path to a 7 is peppered with obstacles. [...]
New IELTS Prep Tool Now Available in Canada
July 18, 2018 by Adam McNeill Adam McNeill
Are you looking for a low-cost, online test practice alternative that provides you with qualified feedback on your performance and technique? Do you wish there was a practice test that allowed you to get a [...]
Common Errors to Avoid in IELTS Letter Writing
July 16, 2018 by Angela Rutherford Angela Rutherford
If you are preparing for the IELTS General Training exam, you probably know that you will be given a short (150 word) letter writing assignment. The letter will have a general purpose such as making [...]