The Difference Between Receptive and Productive Skills
December 10, 2018 by Lauren McKenzie
Although the difference between productive and receptive skills may seem obvious, they require very different approaches when preparing for the IELTS exam. Of course, one of the best ways to prepare for the IELTS is [...]
Taking Feedback Along Your IELTS Prep Journey
November 22, 2018 by Lauren McKenzie
Not everyone will need the support of a tutor to prepare for the IELTS. Maybe you're great, and you have the tools you need to prepare yourself. You may be using our free prep materials, [...]
How to Quantify Your IELTS Preparation
November 2, 2018 by Lauren McKenzie
As you prepare for the IELTS test you will undoubtedly improve your facility in English.  You may feel that you are improving and hear from friends, co-workers or tutors, “wow your English is getting better” [...]
The Difference Between a Band 6 and 7 on the IELTS
July 20, 2018 by Lauren McKenzie
If you fall into the category of many candidates, those with a band score of 6 and pushing for a band 7, then you may find the path to a 7 is peppered with obstacles. [...]
Using Background Knowledge Effectively on the IELTS
April 18, 2018 by Lauren McKenzie
The IELTS will require you to interact with a myriad* of topics within the course of the day. Some of these topics will be familiar and others will not. On test day you may talk [...]
Using Daily Interactions to Prepare for the IELTS
March 2, 2018 by Lauren McKenzie
So, you’ve decided to sit for the IELTS, and you’re in full preparation mode. There are many good resources available online and courses to attend. Please have a look at other blog titles [...]
Getting the Best Advice for the IELTS
October 16, 2017 by Lauren McKenzie
There are many websites, prep courses, books and online materials that offer IETLS candidates with sources of advice for the exam. There’s advice on what expressions to use during the writing module, your body [...]
Preparing for the IELTS in a Non-English Speaking Country
September 19, 2017 by Lauren McKenzie
Practical advice for taking advice Once you’ve decided that the IELTS is the next step for you it’s time to plan. Look at the IELTS test dates and decide how long you need [...]
Canadian Idioms: Improving Your Ability to Communicate Naturally
June 2, 2017 by Lauren McKenzie
How's it going, eh? The IELTS exam includes a very broad variety of language - and for good reason. The more topics candidates have to interact with, the more they will have to demonstrate their proficiency [...]
Top Ten Literary Works for ESL Readers
May 17, 2017 by Lauren McKenzie
Develop Reading Skills and a Love of Reading You may hear tips for the IELTS reading exam like: don't read the whole passage or learn to speed read, but the best way to improve your [...]