Computer-Delivered IELTS a Big Success With Test Takers

November 5, 2018 by IELTS

Centennial College delivers first successful computer-delivered IELTS

The first computer-delivered IELTS test in Canada was successfully administered by the IDP IELTS test centre at Centennial College in Toronto on September 27, 2018.

"Results for the first test were released and distributed to the first set of test takers seamlessly and on time."
- Test Centre Administrator, Centennial College

Initial candidate response to computer-delivered IELTS has been very positive, with registrations coming in at 100% for all sessions.

Of mention are IELTS test takers with special needs. One such candidate suffering from vision impairment (stigmatism) found the computer-delivered IELTS experience to be most positive compared to when he wrote the paper-based IELTS using the yellow and grey question papers.

The computer-delivered format allowed him to adjust the font size and text colours in a way that enhanced his test day experience.

We also received the following testimonial from one of our first test-day candidates at Centennial College:

“I have been studying English for more than 10 years. I have taken TOEIC and TOEFL iBT before but never have taken IELTS. I found out that result comes earlier than paper-delivered ones, and it seems to be easy to register for it online. I considered taking it, went online, registered and I was able to write the exam two weeks later. I uploaded wrong ID photo, but the registration office contacted me right away, so I was able to correct it soon.

Speaking Test schedule and test location was informed by separate emails which were very helpful with clear instructions, maps of the location and links to the sample materials. As I booked the exam at the last minute, I did not have much time to prepare. However, the links sent by e-mail help me to understand and have a basic idea of how the test works and each part is set up.

I would strongly recommend to at least take a look at it before the exam if you are new to it. On the day of the exam, I got to the test centre 5 minutes before the test even though I was informed to be there 20 minutes in advance. However, the check-in was smooth and everyone there was helpful and kind.

As I took TOEFL iBT before, I'm familiar with computer-based tests and it wasn't so difficult to handle. I would say that I can actually focus better with computer-based ones. I am waiting for my result right now and excited to know how it went.”  - M Thorpe, computer-delivered IELTS test taker, Centennial College 

Computer-delivered IELTS is currently available in Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto. For the upcoming computer-delivered test schedule, visit our Computer-Delivered Information Page here!

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