How to Improve Your English Speaking Through Social Interactions

January 8, 2018 by IELTS

Getting together with English speaking friends is a great way to practice and improve your English speaking skills. However, simply showing up and listening to the conversation without participating will not help you. Rather, you need to actively participate to gain the most benefits from social interactions.

Ask questions

If you’re not familiar with the subject being discussed, a good way to get involved is by asking questions. When you ask a question, make sure to repeat part of what you just heard so the other person will have a better idea how to answer your question. If you’re completely lost, it’s okay to admit this and ask them to explain a word or specific part of the conversation you may not understand in greater detail.

Put away your phone

It can be considered rude to be on your phone while you are supposed to be spending time with friends. You agreed to hang out together and when you are on social media, texting, or doing something else on the phone, you’re not paying attention. Make it a point to put your phone away so you can concentrate on the conversation. This will help improve the flow of communications and benefit you more.

Listen and pay attention

Listen to what’s being discussed and pay attention to what others are saying. Try to avoid interrupting while someone else is speaking. If you have a question, wait until they are done talking. If you’re finding it difficult to get a word in or to ask a question, raise your hand to get everyone’s attention, then once they stop talking, say what you wanted to say or ask your question.

Share a story

If others are telling stories about their childhood, family life, work, or other subjects, try to think of a story of your own that is relevant to the conversation. Then, when it’s your turn, tell them a story about yourself, something exciting you discovered about Canada, or some other topic, so long as it’s related to the other stories being shared.

Prepare a script for one-on-one social interactions

If you’re spending time with just one person, you could create a script ahead of time to keep the conversation flowing and avoid periods of silence. For instance, you could make a list of questions you could ask the other person to learn more about them or jot down some topics you’d like to talk about that maybe they know more about.

Utilizing social gatherings as a way to practice your English speaking skills is a great way to help you prepare for your upcoming IELTS examination. You can also find other great tips, practice tests, and other materials that can help, as well as the location of your nearest IELTS Test Centre by browsing our website further.

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