Tips for Improving Your English Speaking Skills

February 17, 2017 by IELTS

In our previous blog posts, we began our discussion on various tips for improving your English language skills to help prepare you for the IELTS examination at the IELTS Test Centre locations throughout Canada. In those posts, we covered the topics of:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

In this blog post, we will further explore the last important skill: Speaking. Speaking can be one of the more challenging skills to develop when learning English. Depending upon where your work or attend school, you may already have opportunities to speak English on a daily basis. However, your friends and co-workers may be hesitant to correct how you speak because they do not want you to feel discouraged.

To help improve your spoken English and ensure you do well on your examination, we encourage you to use these tips:

Read Out Loud

Select children’s books or books written for tweens and teens since they are easier to read and focus on the general rules of grammar and contain basic and common vocabulary words used on a regular basis. Reading out loud allows you to practice speaking English and helps you identify words you might find difficult to pronounce and speak.

Make a List of Words

As you are reading out loud, make a list of any words you are not sure if you are pronouncing correctly. You can show the list to an English speaking friend, co-worker, or teacher and ask him or her how to pronounce the words correctly.

Exchange Language Skills

If one of your English speaking friends or co-workers is interested in learning your native language, offer to help them in exchange for their assistance in developing your English skills. Not only do they get to learn a second language, but you also are able to improve your speaking skills.

Listen to English Audio Books

Audio books are a great tool to use to hear how different words are pronounced. To practice your speaking skills, listen to a sentence, pause the book and repeat it out loud. Then replay the sentence to verify you spoke each word correctly.

Record Yourself

You can record yourself while reading out loud or anytime you are practicing speaking English. Even though you might not like the sound of your recorded voice, it can help you determine how clearly you are pronouncing words. Add any words that you are struggling with to your word list.

Sing Along to Your Favourite English Songs

Singing is another great way to help improve speaking skills. You can obtain the song lyrics by Googling the song. You can sing in the shower or whenever you are alone if you do not want others to hear you. Another great tool that not only helps speaking skills but also reading skills, is karaoke!

Participate in Community, Charity, and Social Events

Volunteer your time or attend different events in your area where English will be spoken. Participating in these events is a great way to practice speaking English.

To discover more useful tools and tips while preparing for the IELTS exam, explore our website, check out our other blog posts, and use the “Find an ELTS Test Location” feature to find your local IELTS Test Centre today!

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