2017 IELTS Test Dates

January 1, 2017 by IELTS

We hope you had a great year and that you're looking forward to 2016. We've been very busy here at IDP! We've added many test centres across Canada, been very active on our blog and we've increased the number of free IELTS seminars and webinars we offer. 

If completing the IELTS is on your radar for this year, then you have just arrived at the best one-stop-shop. We've got everything you need to prepare.

With 48 fixed test dates available for testing at IDP’s network of test locations throughout Canada and around the world you can easily plan ahead to find the test date and location that will work best for you. The Academic version of the test is available on all 48 dates. The General Training version of the test is available on 24 dates.

Consider the following important information:

  • The Academic tests are scheduled four times per month and the General Training test dates are scheduled twice per month.
  • Each month, three test dates are on a Saturday and one date is on a Thursday.
  • Every three months, one of the two General Training tests within the month will fall on Thursday.


2017 Test Dates

Saturday 7
Thursday 12
Saturday 14
Saturday 21
a_g_grey a a a_g_grey
Saturday 11
Thursday 16
Saturday 18
Saturday 25
a_g_grey a_g a a
Saturday 4
Saturday 18
Saturday 25
Thursday 30
a_g a a_g a
Saturday 8
Thursday 20
Saturday 22
Saturday 29
a_g a a a_g
Saturday 06
Saturday 13
Thursday 20
Thursday 25
a a_g a a_g
Saturday 03
Thursday 08
Saturday 17
Saturday 24
a_g a a a_g
Saturday 08
Saturday 15
Thursday 20
Saturday 29
a_g a a a_g
Thursday 03
Saturday 12
Saturday 19
Saturday 26
a_g a a_g a
Saturday 09
Saturday 16
Thursday 21
Saturday 30
a_g a a a_g
Thursday 05
Saturday 14
Saturday 21
Saturday 28
a a_g a a_g
Thursday 02
Saturday 04
Saturday 11
Saturday 25
a_g a a_g a
Saturday 02
Saturday 09
Thursday 14
Saturday 16
a_g a a a_g

Getting your Score

  • You will receive your results within 13 calendar days
  • You may access your results online
  • You may put in a request to have your results sent to up to 5 Receiving Organizations

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